Blessed to Bless

Within the last month, my wife and I have been blessed to celebrate two special events for two special boys, our grandsons, Hudson’s Baptism and Louie’s Dedication.
I was so touched by the two events, sitting back and watching my daughters as moms and witnessing the love and care they have for their boys.

Grandson Louie
Grandson Hudson









At Hudson’s Baptism, the priest asked the people in attendance to come forward and place their hands on him and give a blessing.  I was so moved participating in and witnessing this as we were passing our blessings to him.
At Louie’s dedication, the pastor’s message focused on “Blessed to Bless” where the idea is when we receive blessings, we are to let it flow through us and on to others.
As I watch my girls, I was receiving blessings from them.  I witnessed firsthand what the pastor was saying, my girls were passing the blessing they received to their sons and to us.
Could God’s love be the same? Could it be that easy?

Love that’s simple, pure, honest, sincere and freely given.  It’s hard to imagine anyone could love me that much.

I’m a husband, father, son, brother and now, my favorite, a grandfather.  I’ve been in the trades for more than 38 years and I often wonder what kind of impact I have on the people I encounter daily.
Building is easy for me, we start with an idea, produce plans and specification, correct soil to start with a solid foundation and construct a building.
If only relationships were that easy.

If only I put the time and energy into relationships I put into my buildings, to get my relationships on a firm foundation, how things could be different.                                                                     

Have I taken my received blessing and let them pass through me onto others?
I’ve struggled my whole life with faith. I’m a person that just can’t let go and let God.

I always need to be in control and it’s that control that keeps me from letting the blessing pass through me.
What if my clients, friends and family knew about my faith?
That answer came this weekend at Louie’s dedication, at very progressive church.  It took a lot of guts for my daughter to invite her guests and proclaim “this is me”.

Not all were receptive and I’m sure she wonders if she did the right thing.
I couldn’t be prouder, she exemplified what I believe we are called to do.
Take the risk.

We receive the blessing of children and they become our pride and joy.  Do we let that blessing pass through us?  Do we let others know how they make us better?  Do we share with others how they helped us to be closer to God?  Do we let them know how we experience Christ through them?
I for so long believed my children couldn’t make it without me, instead of allowing their blessing to flow through me, I held onto them in a prideful way, a controlling way.
My relationship with my daughters is amazing but it hasn’t always been that way, we’ve had many ups and downs, I have failed so many times but by the grace of God I have forgiving faithful daughters that now are showing me the way to the kingdom.
This weekend I learned and experienced the blessing flowing through my daughters, who I witnessed living their faith and watch with awe the mothers they have become.
We are Blessed to Bless!




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