Building with Integrity

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When thinking of doing a blog, my first question was why?

I’ve been building for 50 years.  I started when I was very young, driving my dad crazy, getting into tools and materials and creating.  My love of structure flourished as I grew; the pure fascination with taking basic materials and creating structure became a passion.  From go-carts and tree-forts when I was young, to houses and large commercial projects in my career, I knew early on I would spend my life building.

Grandpa starting them young

I discovered building was more than creating structure, it’s also about life: building relationships with God, my wife and children, grandchildren, friends, and yes, my clients.  I soon found each played an important part of my success; keeping them all in balance is a struggle and I can’t be good at one if I’m dropping the ball on another.

It’s my hope and prayer through this blog you will find great information on project ideas and construction practices.  You may on occasion find a new recipe my wife and I have developed, or a great bottle of wine we’ve discovered.  We believe in an active healthy lifestyle, and we find we build community and fellowship through hosting family and friends in our home.

Most importantly, I hope you will experience the gift of faith; faith has become my driving force — it’s the start and end of each day and is the guiding force that keeps all my relationships in balance.

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