Wet basement?

Question; Innovative Basement Systems

Has anyone used their service for waterproofing the basement? We had a salesman visiting our house last night. He provided very in-depth walk-through and introduction of their system.The water proofing alone will cost 30% more than other vendors but seems to provide a more holistic solution. In addition, he also recommended us installing power braces to a couple foundation walls with 1.5 inch and .5 inch deflection.


Good morning, I’m not familiar with their system, but I would caution¬† you. I’ve been in the trades for 35 years, I’ve seen many proposed solutions to solve wet or damp basements, most treating them from the inside. The problem with this approach is sealing the basement walls on the inside, when in fact the issue is on the outside. Compounding the issue, you have mentioned some basement wall deflection, this in fact could have taken place at the time of the original backfilling of the foundation (1/2″-1″ is not uncommon) but it could also be a sign that you have clayish soils or soils with a strong hydraulic expansion when exposed to moisture.¬† While adding a brace solution to the inside may slow the deflection, the real issue is the exterior soils, bracing on the interior is a Band-Aid.

My first question; have you had someone out to evaluate the exterior conditions including a soil test?

Second question; are you sure the deflection is a new issue or has it been a condition in existence for a long time?

Again I’m not here to judge innovative basements, I’m just a firm believer that to correctly solve the issue, you must start with identifying the real problem, water infiltration is almost always a secondary condition.


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